“Michael did a beautiful portrait of our daughter Abigail when she was a little baby. In the portrait he captured her character and sparkle perfectly. This is something that we will always treasure. He truly has a rare talent.”
 Martin & Evelyn Landers

“Michael painted a portrait of my pet dogs Max and Charlie for me. I absolutely love this painting! Both of their characters are perfectly captured. They say the eyes are the windows of the soul – I can see their personalities reflected in their eyes. Thanks Michael! The texture of the oil used in the painting is amazing. The dogs themselves, and also the bed they are lying on are brought to life – you could almost touch the soft cuddliness! I love the composition of the painting. Both Max and Charlie are in different positions – Max has his head up while Charlie rests his head on the dog bed. The result is a very natural everyday pose that just makes me smile every time I look at it – it’s exactly the way they are in real life. It’s lovely to know I’ll have this painting forever – beautiful and lovingly created by a very talented artist. I’ll treasure it!” 
Jennifer Booth
“This portrait of my then 18 months old son Devin, perfectly captures him. He is now 13 and I love to look at his little 18 month old face. It was the most perfect wedding gift so beautiful made by Michael.” 
Rachel O’Sullivan
“I have never known anyone else with a mind like Michael’s, which combines a grasp of all things scientific with an exceptional, broad artistic ability and craftsmanship. His Irish landscapes have graced our walls for decades and we always look forward to his photo reportage of the short holidays which he, Pauline, John and I have spent together.  ‘Renaissance Man’ doesn’t begin to describe Mr Lodge. I look forward to the fruits of his timely retirement.”
 Alice Byrnes
“I grew up with your beautiful paintings around me at home – landscapes, portraits and still life. I am so happy to have my first Michael Lodge piece – the beautiful portrait of Sophie, age 5 months, in my home. It really captures her spirit as well as her likeness, it is much admired by all visitors – as well as Sophie herself!”
 Ellen Fowler


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“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.”

Edgar Degas